How to Get Oil-Based Pomade Out of Hair

De-greasing is as easy as 1-2-3

How to Get Pomade Out of Hair


Step #1:

  1. Apply Reuzel Daily Conditioner To Dry Hair
  2. Leave ON 2-3 Minutes
  3. Comb Through Hair With A Fine Toothed Comb Rinse
  4. Rinse

Step #2:

  1. Apply Reuzel Scrub Shampoo
  2. Lather & Rinse

Step #3:

  1. Finish With Reuzel Daily Shampoo
  2. Lather & Rinse





Reuzel De-Grease Formula


Dennis: Welcome to a brand new episode of Reuzel TV. Today we have got not one, not two, but three products to show all you guys. Are you so very bloody anxious to see what they are too? I sure as hell am.

Let’s have a look at what our Bertus has brought today.

Bertus: Today we have Cecil in the chair. Cecil is a patron that uses a lot of product. Almost always oil based. That’s why he is the ideal client to demonstrate the Reuzel Conditioner and the Reuzel Daily Shampoo. Don’t get us wrong folks, but the whole idea behind a pomade on an oil base is that it has to build up, but if you want to get a haircut, or you want to go clean in full to start over again with a new build up…We’ll start with the conditioner. We apply the conditioner to the grease in dry hair. If we want to degrease the hair it’s very important that we follow this exact sequence. We start with conditioner. This conditioner is a lightweight, moisturizing conditioner infused with our Tonic Blend of: Witch Hazel, Nettle Leaf, Rosemary, and Horsetail Root is ideal for daily use on all hair types. Spread the conditioner over the hair properly and give it time to get into the hair, this is not the wash yet, but the degreasing formula. You will feel it when this brilliant product is doing it’s work.You don’t have to scrub too hard, let the product do the work for you. After the conditioner you go over to the Scrub Shampoo. There are little pellets in there and those pellets work almost like a sandpaper. Massage the Reuzel Scrub Shampoo properly and you’ll feel the hair getting clean in your fingers. Let it foam, cause that’s the sign that the hair is starting to get nice and clean. Reuzel Scrub Shampoo removes product buildup, dirt, pollutants, chlorine, excess oil, and other dulling residues from your hair and scalp, while remaining gentle. When it starts foaming it’s time to start rinsing it out. After the rinsing we start to use the last product, which is the Reuzel Daily Shampoo. You only need a little bit of this on wet hair. Your hair will now be 95 to 100% grease free! If you stick to this order of product use you are guaranteed to get all the excess product out of your hair!

Dennis: We are seeing a great result that you can achieve with the Reuzel Shampoos.

How phat is that!

Bertus: You’ve got to understand Dennis; We’ve been working on this success formula for years, but feel it yourself. He’s really clean now.

He can build his hairstyle the way he wants himself.

Dennis: As you can see, No matter how greasy the hair. Reuzel Shampoo will get it clean.

Bertus: Well Dennis, that’s what we say too! The grimier the hair the better our shampoo wants to work!

Dennis: And we’ve seen that, ’till next time on Reuzel TV!